The Tufo Rosa is a romantic and elegant guest house built inside the old Bastion of the Orsini Fortress of Pitigliano, in Tuscan Maremma. At the entrance of the old town, the Tufo Rosa is the ideal place for those are looking for history and folklore traditions, the charm of wild nature, the flavors of typical dishes and all the wellbeing and relaxation that Maremma can offer, without losing the services and comforts of our little village.

The union of two elements of our past helps to create a magic atmosphere:

The Tufo”, which represents the roots of an ancient civilization, the Etruscans, from which emerge “Vie Cave”, particular pathways carved into this volcanic rock.


“The Rose”, heraldic symbol of the Orsini family, Lords of Pitigliano, reminds us tales about noblewomen, castles and knights that are lost in centuries.


All our Rooms are ideally linked by an historical path that goes from the middle of 13th century to Renaissance. Each room has name, oil portrait and short biography of some Countess that had an important role in the history of Pitigliano. We will be delighted to receive you in our reception which is also an art gift shop, where you can find many interesting objects and also Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of “Casale degli Orti”, our family farm. Find out more >

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